Alexander McQueen Fall RTW 2009: The Most Stylish Villian Ever


Alexander McQueen Fall RTW 2009

Oh. My. The fashion love of my life is going to have to share my utter devotion this season with Alexander McQueen’s absolutely spectacular Fall show. From start to finish breathtaking. This is how I imagine my villainous alter ego would be dressed: completely over the top, but still elegant somehow.

When I saw this, my mind went to that flop of a movie, “The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez. I never saw the film, but I remember the images being very striking. See my favorites from this divine collection in the gallery below.



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  1. […] Fall show was not my favorite of the season. The flamboyant designer is still my fave, but McQueen definitely bested him this year. I also preferred his Dior work to his namesake line, which […]

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