Oscar De La Renta Likes his Chocolate… and so do I: Fall RTW 2009


Jourdan Dunn Bookends Oscar De La Renta Fall RTW 2009Jourdan Dunn opens, closes Oscar de la Renta Fall RTW 2009

Apparently, the fashion world is all abuzz about whether or not First Lady Michelle Obama will appear at the tents in all her icon glory. Goodness, I hope not. The woman has plenty more to do then mingle with all those desperate celebs and pseudo-celebs. And just imagine how the Limbaugh crowd would skewer her! Besides, that’s what the White House social secretary is for… apparently.

At any rate, we’re all waiting with baited psyche to see if Mrs. Obama’s new status will, by some miracle, transform the perennially lilly-white runways to reflect a more diverse stock of 6-foot, 100-lb glamazons. Sources say, not so much. And good cynics, like myself, know that even if it did it would be about as fleetingly trendy as a neon, one-shouldered shift.

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